IQDHO, a renewed source of growth thanks to Larouche

IQDHO asked Larouche for a major refresh that would leverage its know-how and commitment to advancing ornamental horticulture in the province. Larouche’s communications plan provided a roadmap for the changes, which included a visual overhaul, updated brand positioning…

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IQDHO, a renewed source of growth thanks to Larouche

IQDHO asked Larouche for a major refresh that would leverage its know-how and commitment to advancing ornamental horticulture in the province. Larouche’s communications plan provided a roadmap for the changes, which included a visual overhaul, updated brand positioning…

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Larouche kicks off Les As de l’info!

Coops de l’information recently launched Les as de l’info, the first French-language media outlet in the country dedicated entirely to providing daily news to 8- to 12-year-olds free of charge. This new, interactive initiative offers kids a simplified review of current events produced by youth information specialists.

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Snowstorm by Larouche: Snöflake becomes Latitude 90

With Larouche’s help, Snöflake recently became Latitude 90 to better meet the company’s need to revamp its image and thus reflect the world calibre of its innovative technologies. The agency handled an overhaul of the visual identity, the new slogan “Perfect snow, for imperfect conditions” and the brand-new website.

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Services Conseils Frédéric Leblanc becomes manzio.

Services Conseils Frédéric Leblanc recently called upon Larouche to create a new name, a new visual identity and a brand-new website for its business. Since 2015, the team of experts at Services Conseils Frédéric Leblanc has been supporting and guiding businesspeople to accomplish their goals on their way to the top.

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Tero puts its faith in Larouche.

Tero recently selected Larouche Branding and Communications to handle its product launch. The agency will be responsible to develop the identity strategy of the Tero brand as well as design its various communication tools.

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Lumca launches its new Urban-Cozy outdoor lighting category

For more than 30 years, Lumca has been designing and manufacturing smart, beautiful lighting products that light up the lives of people where they work, live, learn and play. The manufacturer was recently awarded the contract to light up the largest real estate project in North America, Water Street Tampa, in Florida.

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Larouche creates new summer campaign for the Coops de l’information

The six regional members of the Coops de l’information recently launched a major advertising campaign for summer 2021. The campaign, developed by Larouche Marque et communication, highlights the importance of staying well-informed during the summer months. A brand-new slogan was created especially for the campaign: Nouvel été, nouvelles de l’été.

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Ag-Bio Centre selects Larouche

The incubator-accelerator ​Ag-Bio ​Centre recently selected Larouche ​Marque et communication to oversee the​ complete repositioning of its brand​. Ag-Bio Centre supports the growth of innovative businesses in the agri-food, biotechnology and environmental sciences sector.

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SnöFlake falls on Larouche

Do you want some snow? Here you go! SnöFlake recently entrusted Larouche Marque et communication to revamp the organization’s brand as well as create a marketing and communications plan for 2021.

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Larouche helps media co-ops fast track to digital subscriptions

The six regional media co-ops in Québec and Ontario, Les coops de l’information, recently took a further step in their digital transformation with the launch of digital subscriptions. Larouche carried out joint positioning and promotion initiatives for all of the group’s media organizations, including Le Droit, Le Nouvelliste, Le Quotidien, Le Soleil, La Tribune and La Voix de l’Est.

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Boîte cadeau du Montego

2020, we will remember.

In this time of reflection and with the arrival of the holidays, the Montego Resto-Club has created, in collaboration with the team of Larouche, a unique and elegant product that is sure to delight many people: a personalized gift box including a bottle of wine and a restaurant gift certificate.

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Seriez-vous votre propre client?

Would you be your own customer?

Companies often invest a colossal and uncompromising amount of energy and resources into innovation. But what about the customer experience that supports an innovative product or service? Do the offer and the experience work perfectly together to enhance the brand’s value?

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Expérience client

Customer experience is much more than customer service.

More than ever, the concept of customer experience (CX) is the main topic of marketers’ discussions. CX becomes a differentiator for your business and places people—and your product—at the centre of your customer service offering. But first, let’s get back to basics. What exactly is customer experience?

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La Cn2i choisit Larouche

Cn2i chooses Larouche

Larouche won a new bid with the Coopérative nationale de l’information indépendante (Cn2i), which groups together the following newspapers: Le Soleil, Le Droit, La Tribune, Le Nouvelliste, Le Quotidien-Le Progrès and La Voix de l’Est. Larouche has become the partner for six newspapers to strategically support them in developing their digital assets in order to maintain their long-term viability.

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Un peu de recul pour prendre soin de votre marque.

Take a step back to take care of your brand.

What about your brand’s adaptability during these unprecedented times? Who takes the time to think about it? Who takes responsibility adapting your brand to a new reality? Who makes the decision to make things happen to protect the brand that is so important to you, your employees, your customers and your future?

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Larouche joint le Regroupement des firmes de services professionnels indépendantes

Larouche contributing to reviving Québec’s economy

The Larouche team is proud to be one of the 200 Quebec-owned firms in the Regroupement des firmes de services professionnels indépendantes (RFSPI). The RFSPI encourages, promotes and values entrepreneurship in the professional services sector and is thus helping to revive the Quebec economy.

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Marque Larouche

Revamping the Larouche brand

It’s never easy to do things for ourselves! It requires introspection, scrutiny and humility. This was exactly our frame of mind when we set out to update the Larouche brand.

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En mode relance

In recovery mode!

During this extraordinary time of the COVID-19 crisis, all the tactical actions taken yesterday and today are necessary. But it is also important to stay the course of a long-term vision.

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About COVID-19

Larouche has continued to serve its customers on a virtual basis, and has done so since the start of self-isolation. To support businesses, Larouche is launching a unique workshop about planning after COVID-19.

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Adapting to the unknown

COVID-19 has plunged us into a completely new world. The ability to adapt is essential. Despite all the measures established to limit the spread of the virus, life must go on—and business continuity is key.

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