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Steel and Aluminum Support the B2B2C chain

On June 11, the Minister of the Economy, Science and Innovation, Dominique Anglade, announced to nearly forty companies in the steel and aluminum sector that the Government of Quebec will support their activities via its ESSOR program.
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Larouche Marketing Communication creates brand-new visual identity for Fromagerie de I’Isle-aux-Grues

Already renowned for its high-quality products, Fromagerie de l’Isle-aux-Grues recently launched six new fine cheeses for cheese shops and other gourmet stores.
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A wind of change for SOCOM

On June 5, at their Annual General Meeting, members of the Society of Communicators of Quebec (SOCOM) elected a new presidency at the head of the organization.
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Internships at Larouche Marketing Communication; A unique experience

At Larouche, we have the habit of integrating interns into our team.
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Image de Mark B2B agency joins Larouche Marketing Communication

Québec’s B2B marketing communications sector is about to change over the next weeks.
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The SOCOM launched its new brand image

On March 28, 2018, the Société des communicateurs de Québec (SOCOM), a non-profit organization dedication to Québec’s marketing communications industry, launched its new brand image.
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Larouche Marketing Communication welcomes Claude Desrochers as Chief Strategy Officer

Larouche Marketing Communication is thrilled to announce Claude Desrochers as the agency’s new Chief Strategy Officer.
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The influence and impact of an employer brand

In today’s tight labour market, employer branding has become a hot topic.
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Changes in the traditional and digital media landscapes

Traditional and digital media are not in competition: they actually complement one another.
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NAFTA The next round of negotiations

Negotiations have kicked off regarding the NAFTA agreement—and finding middle ground seems to be increasingly difficult.
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First impressions count Why your website matters for your business web 

Your website should reflect your company’s positioning, unique selling proposition and values.
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How Digitally Mature Are You?

In the debate over how to revitalize manufacturing, the implementation of digital technologies is a core concern.
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Leverage your digital strategy to boost your exports

When you decide to export your products, having a competitive advantage with your production efficiency, pricing and timelines can make a huge difference in foreign markets.
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DESIGN  Do you really need to follow the trends?

According to a recent study conducted by Microsoft, the average attention span of a human has decreased by 33% over the past 15 years.
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Coop Agrilait gears up in response to influx of european cheeses

Coop Agrilait has taken action in response to the massive influx of European cheeses by choosing Larouche Marketing Communication as its agency of record.
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Why measuring your marketing ROI is so important

Businesses calculate their returns on investment (ROIs) on many different departmental projects.
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Why Hire a Communication Agency Instead of Doing the Work Internally?

Outsourcing is a collaborative business technique between two companies where one company hires another to handle a part of its activities.
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Globalization at the Brink? Interview with Peter Hall – Chief Economist at EDC

On May 25, Peter Hall, Chief Economist at Export Development Canada (EDC), was in Quebec City to give his annual presentation “Let’s Talk Exports”.
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How you can prepare to comply with Canada’s new anti-spam legislation

Beginning on July 1, 2017, Canada’s anti-spam laws will come into full effect.
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