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Cn2i chooses Larouche

Larouche won a new bid with the Coopérative nationale de l’information indépendante (Cn2i), which groups together the following newspapers: Le Soleil, Le Droit, La Tribune, Le Nouvelliste, Le Quotidien-Le Progrès and La Voix de l’Est. Larouche has become the partner for six newspapers to strategically support them in developing their digital assets in order to maintain their long-term viability.

“We were looking for a visionary, agile and creative partner that could guide us in our digital transformation. Larouche presented an approach that addresses our challenges and offered realistic—yet innovative—solutions that matched our vision. We are thrilled to start this project with the team at Larouche,” said Philippe St-Pierre, Director of Marketing and Community Relations at the Cn2i.

The six newspapers started their digital transformation in 2015 with the launch of their mobile app. Recently, weekly editions of the newspapers stopped being printed. This was a decision for the organization to offer more digital content.

As they face major issues related to the fallacy of free content, newspapers must change the way they operate. The timing is ripe for newspapers to renew themselves and innovate. The Coopérative nationale de l’information indépendante is seizing this opportunity wholeheartedly.

“We are honoured to dedicate our expertise and passion to the success of the group’s digital transformation. Each newspaper has its very own history and plays an important role in its respective market. I have been a subscriber to Le Soleil for over 20 years. The evolution of the news media is a cause that I particularly take to heart,” explained Jean-François Larouche, the agency’s president.