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In recovery mode!

Communicate to facilitate recovery

During this extraordinary time of the COVID-19 crisis, all the tactical actions taken yesterday and today are necessary. But it is also important to stay the course of a long-term vision. Are your strategies and action plan always suited to your markets? Have these markets changed? What about the concerns of your target customers?

Has your business model been modified to tackle these exceptional circumstances? Have your communication actions also been revisited so that they effectively contribute to the achievement of your objectives? At the heart of all these upheavals, only one element, your brand, is the real anchor. More than ever, your brand is an essential catalyst for your recovery.

A fresh approach

We believe in the vital need to adapt. Each business must identify and take advantage of new opportunities. This conviction has been driving us since the first day of this crisis and guides our collaboration with you. In response to the situation, we are hosting RECOVERY!, a tailor-made, collaborative workshop for reviving businesses.

A team close to you…from a distance!

Everyone’s safety is our priority. Our team is fully ready to meet your communication needs remotely. Like you, we must adapt and take advantage of the circumstances to improve our ways of doing things. We will be happy to put our expertise and our passion to work to help propel your business.

The Larouche team