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SnöFlake falls on Larouche

Do you want some snow? Here you go! SnöFlake is a company that makes snow in both hot and cold temperatures—when and where you want. SnöFlake recently entrusted Larouche Marque et communication to revamp the organization’s brand as well as create a marketing and communications plan for 2021.

“Larouche is very proud to welcome this new client. We look forward to leveraging our expertise to help SnöFlake stand out internationally. It’s quite magical to be given this original mandate at the end of the year and we anticipate great teamwork with the SnöFlake team,” said Jean-François Larouche, President of the agency.

SnöFlake is also a revolutionary concept as it creates small snowflakes from pure frozen water without any additives. It is the most energy-efficient system on the market for this application. It is an original and ideal product for covering sections of ski slopes and for use in outdoor events in both winter and summer.

“Our goal is to make snow, of course, but also to be able to distribute it internationally, where we currently do all of our sales. We are determined to cover the mountains with snow and we’ve chosen a partner who will be able to help us. My wish is to help ski resorts perform better and be even more profitable in their activities. Whether in Quebec, the United States, Europe, Oceania or Asia, global warming is being felt everywhere and that’s when we get to work,” said Raphaël Pelchat, Snöflake’s owner.