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Snowstorm by Larouche: Snöflake becomes Latitude 90

Making artificial snow that’s more realistic than natural snow? This is a feat that Snöflake, now Latitude 90, has been accomplishing for many years. The company is one of a few in the world specializing in developing snowmaking technologies and equipment, for which it holds an international patent. With Larouche’s help, Snöflake recently became Latitude 90 to better meet the company’s need to revamp its image and thus reflect the world calibre of its innovative technologies. The agency handled an overhaul of the visual identity, the new slogan “Perfect snow, for imperfect conditions” and the brand-new website.

Here, as elsewhere, artificial snow is essential for winter sports enthusiasts during milder weather. Latitude 90 sets itself apart mainly through its unique technology and snow machines which make it possible to make snow as pure and as real as that found in nature. The main objective of the new branding was to disassociate the company from a competitor-like brand image that was mainly focused on mechanical equipment, with the aim of getting closer to the world of sports brands with an attitude.

The new Latitude 90 name refers to the coordinates of the North Pole, and is inspired by its icy landscapes and pays homage to the pristine and legendary snow covering the Arctic. The new website, available in English, French and soon in Japanese, showcases the different environments in which Latitude 90 operates with new imagery, focused primarily on the lifestyle associated with winter sports enthusiasts.

“Latitude 90 is a daring company that achieves the impossible on a daily basis when it comes to artificial snow production. Thanks to its innovative processes and this daring shift, we have the firm intention of positioning Latitude 90 as the international benchmark for artificial snow and to mark people’s minds with a revisited visual identity that is completely unique in the industry”, said Jean-François Larouche, President of Larouche Branding and communications.