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Lumca launches its new Urban-Cozy outdoor lighting category

For more than 30 years, Lumca has been designing and manufacturing smart, beautiful lighting products that light up the lives of people where they work, live, learn and play. The manufacturer was recently awarded the contract to light up the largest real estate project in North America, Water Street Tampa, in Florida. For the occasion, Lumca, a customer since 2014, gave Larouche Branding and Communications the mandate to design the North American identity and marketing of the new Urban-Cozy category of outdoor lighting products and its first family of products called Lio, which were especially-created for this largescale project. This new line of light fixtures was unveiled on various web pages developed by the agency and featured in the blog section of the Lumca website.

Water Street Tampa is an innovative real estate project that challenges traditional notions of urban space design. In a city where cars rule, Water Street Tampa puts people at the centre of its approach. This project will be built with care and intention, aiming to transform the experience of city dwellers to bring them into an environment in which technology, sustainability and connectivity come together to make it a great place to live.

With this in mind, the Water Street Tampa designers selected Lumca. They wanted to work with a company that understood the importance of creating a holistic environment that revolves around the well-being neighbourhood residents. In collaboration with Lumca, the project designers wanted to develop lighting that would make it possible to transpose the kind of lighting found inside to the outside, thereby recreating a warm atmosphere.

“We are honoured to have the opportunity to help spread awareness of these great lighting solutions! Our goal was to showcase the sleek and inviting character of these new indoor-inspired outdoor lights. The current circumstances have forced us to review our way of doing things through different means of communication. We are proud to have been able to support Lumca for this launch and successfully highlight the various features of this new category and range of products. Everything is possible—no matter what the context,” said Jean-François Larouche, the agency’s President.

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