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Jean-François Larouche

Jean-François Larouche


Take a step back to take care of your brand.

July 14, 2020. It has already been more than four months since the new reality struck us.

Everything changed in just a few days.

Some habits disappeared. Others appeared.

People got used to the realities of the pandemic fairly quickly. We adapted. We took the time to analyze and accept new situations in our everyday lives. We have realized that we all play a role in having a direct impact on the well being of society. On a smaller scale, we also see that we all play a role in having a direct impact on the well-being of the company for which we work. Hence my question: What about your brand’s adaptability during these unprecedented times? Who takes the time to think about it? Who takes responsibility adapting your brand to a new reality? Who makes the decision to make things happen to protect the brand that is so important to you, your employees, your customers and your future?

The answer is simple: you, the entrepreneur, the business owner, and the decision maker. As the owner of your start-up, factory, association or group, you are the only one who truly has the power to ensure that your brand can adapt to the new reality. You must be focused on your brand’s adaptability to address the challenges uncertain times are causing. Your brand must be able to evolve for new markets, new customers, new technologies and potentially new competitors. Now, more than ever before, is the time to take a step back to build a brand strategy to future-proof your business.

What does it mean to take a step back?

It means spending quality time to question, analyze and contemplate your brand’s values ​​and messages within this new context. Reflect on where your brand needs to be tomorrow, this fall, and years from now.

It also means having the courage to question and make decisions that will bring about the necessary changes for long-term viability.

Don’t put your head in the sand and think for a moment that your brand will evolved by itself. You have to get involved, roll up your sleeves and act with your team—before the competition does it for you!

Basically this pandemic, as disturbing as it is for our society, marks an unexpected and probably unique opportunity to rethink your brand, which likely needed it more than you thought anyway. The pandemic is a good excuse to inject new energy into your brand. Embrace this exceptional moment with pragmatism and creativity. The impact might be more effective and profitable than you think.

The uncertainty that surrounds us often hinders good decision-making, which is imperative for your company’s profits. It’s vital to plan your finances, your HR strategy, and the integration of new technologies. However, it is equally important to make your brand your primary asset as it is the tie that binds every aspect of your business together.

Take a step back. Take care of your brand.