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Larouche creates new summer campaign for the Coops de l’information

The six regional members of the Coops de l’information recently launched a major advertising campaign for summer 2021. The campaign, developed by Larouche Marque et communication, highlights the importance of staying well-informed during the summer months. A brand-new slogan was created especially for the campaign: Nouvel été, nouvelles de l’été.

The campaign is part of a second phase to promote digital subscriptions, which originally started last December. The goal is to raise awareness among Quebecers as to the importance of local news. This second phase plays an integral part in the Coops de l’information’s strategy to showcase digital subscriptions for its members: LeDroit (Ottawa/Gatineau), Le Nouvelliste (Mauricie/Centre-du-Québec), Le Quotidien (Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean), Le Soleil (Québec), La Tribune (Sherbrooke) and La Voix de l’Est (Granby).

As the province of Quebec is starting what will probably be the same type of summer as last year, it as important as ever to remain well-informed. The advertising campaign, developed and produced by the agency, shows how a digital subscription is an indispensable tool for people to enjoy summer in Quebec. It also underscores the importance of having a digital subscription to stay informed—anywhere and at any time.

The campaign’s foundation is the creative platform that was used during the December initiative, which leverages the tremendous talent of André-Philippe Côté, the renowned caricaturist who is popular among readers of the Coops. The six images pay tribute to typical activities people enjoy in the summer: BBQs, camping, moving, ziplining, biking and hiking. The campaign will be featured on the web and in various traditional communications channels throughout the summer.

“The campaign in December was to initially raise awareness as to the costs associated with high-quality local news. This time, the goal was to demonstrate how a digital description is a must for summer—and the day-to-day lives of Quebecers everywhere,” explained Jean-François Larouche, President of Larouche Marque et communication.

Since the launch of the first campaign—in as little as five months—each of the six members of the Coops experienced a significant increase in the number of digital subscriptions. In fact, over 25,000 digital subscriptions have been added to the overall readership since the end of 2020. Depending on the specific market segment, this represents an increase of between 20 and 46% in total subscribers.

“These results greatly surpassed our expectations. The exceptional growth in subscriptions for all our members is impressive. We are so proud of our readers’ enthusiasm. It definitely encourages us to continue our digital transformation. Our work is far from over; however, the teams at the Coops de l’information are determined to succeed in their recovery plan and offer a great summer filled with relevant content for our readership,” said Stéphane Lavallée, General Manager at the Coops de l’information.

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