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Purkinje is a company specialized in the development and integration of software solutions for the healthcare sector. They sought Larouche’s expertise to develop a showcase website presenting their solutions and expertise. Larouche also collaborated with the client to produce videos presenting the Purkinje team members. Over 10,000 healthcare professionals trust Purkinje.

Purkinje logo
Blue, green and white color squares showing the color palette of Purkinje's communication tools Typography used in Purkinje's communication tools Symbol for Purkinje's Enovacom web application representation
Photo of a man wearing headphones working on his computer and photo of a laptop with 2 hands on it Man wearing headphones working at his computer Laptop with 2 hands placed on it Purkinje website mockup showing the homepage
Purkinje website mockup showing the Solutions page
Purkinje website mockup showing the Careers page In a mobile phone, visual of the Our reason for being page