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Lifeguard, a United-States-based company, more specifically in Florida and California, offers health care coordination services for seniors. Lifeguard commissioned Larouche for the development of its visual identity, then deployed with custom-designed illustrations, the creation of a promotional video, as well as a website.

Red Lifeguard logo
Pantone color palette demonstrating the new Lifeguard colors Selection of fonts used by Lifeguard
Section du site Internet présentant le curriculum vitae de Nat Findlay Section of the website showing an illustration of the section Caring for Elders
Section of the website featuring a lifebuoy illustration as well as the Road Map section
Team of Lifeguard nurses, 3 men, 3 women wearing shirt with Lifeguard logo
Lifeguard website in cell phone and Care Professionals page First section of the home page of the Lifeguard site on a computer and the rest of the page in mock-up