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Cecobois, which promotes the use of wood in commercial buildings, commissioned Larouche for the production of a magazine featuring the recipients of the Prix d’Excellence Cecobois 2023 (2023 Cecobois Excellence Awards). Larouche built a layout that reflected the visual style of the gala and presented, among other things, all the winners of this 2023 edition. Larouche designs case studies, guides, and the “Construire en bois” journal. Editing in its purest form!

Series of 3 Cecobois excellence awards magazines placed one on top of the other, on a green background
Double page of the Cecobois Excellence Award magazine showing an article entitled Choosing the right structural system 2 case studies placed one on top of the other and having for subject Charpentes Montmagny
Cover page of the technical sheet on combustible construction exit stairwells Cover page of the case study on the Mirabel Tower and the Saint-Jérôme Tower
Cover page of the technical sheet on non-load-bearing light-frame exterior walls Cover page of the guide to best practices for installing solid wood exterior siding Cover page of the Bridge Sustainability Guide
Cover Page of the Arbora Case Study Cover page of the study on the light framework of agricultural buildings
Cover page of the Majella case study