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Nosotech is a Rimouski-based company specializing in developing and implementing infectious disease prevention software. Seeing the strong growth potential of its solutions in Québec and Europe, Nosotech turned to Larouche for the redesign of its brand. Larouche modernized the company’s visual identity, developed its strategic positioning, and streamlined all messaging. The team also designed several traditional and digital communication tools.

Composition graphique
Composition logo
Photo groupe
Bactéries Virus Pilulle
Nosokos Nosokos par Nosotech
Iris Iris par Nosotech
Antibiokos Antibiokos par Nosotech
Roll-up Corporation Roll-up Nosokos Roll-up Iris Roll-up Antibiokos
Mockup Site web page Approche Mockup Site web laptop Mockup Site web page Nosokos
Cartes d'affaires Nosotech