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Coops de l'information

Les Coops de l’information, which brings together 6 media outlets across the province (Le Droit, Le Nouvelliste, Le Quotidien, Le Soleil, La Tribune, and La Voix de l’Est), wanted to highlight, every day, the journalistic content deployed in their pages. Therefore, Larouche designed dozens of visual concepts to catch the readers’ eyes. Topics as varied as video games, pesticides, place names, waste reduction, the elderly, junior hockey, and overdoses have been addressed… to name just a few. All these concepts were responsive for computer, phone, or tablet.

in a cell phone, photo of woman on the left and pixelated man on the right in a cell phone, slogan Thank you for supporting proximity information on a red background
In a cell phone, visual regarding la Rivière du bras coupé In a cell phone, visual regarding roaming in the regions of the province of Québec In a cell phone, visual regarding romantic Quebec
In a tablet and a computer, visual regarding the Lac-Mégantic accident
Ad that highlights an article regrading the harassment of women in video games