Larouche revamps Nosotech’s brand image

In 2020, Nosotech established itself as a major leader in the management of epidemiological data on COVID-19. Specialized in developing and implementing infectious disease prevention software, notably Nosokos and Antibiokos, the Rimouski-based company developed IRIS, the first real-time epidemiological surveillance tool of its kind in Quebec. In the spring of 2021, seeing the strong growth potential of its solutions in Québec and Europe, Nosotech turned to Larouche to redesign its brand. The company wanted a more modern visual identity, strategic positioning and streamlined messaging. The new brand image was applied to a series of traditional and digital communication tools.

“We had a strong need to better position ourselves in the global market with much more straightforward and clearer messages that would highlight the true potential of our solutions and expertise in infection prevention. The redesign of Nosotech’s brand, with the help of Larouche’s team, was the obvious solution to meet this need and reflect the company’s unique nature.

– Laurent Bellavance, General Manager at Nosotech

A dual and unique positioning

Nosotech stands out for its unique dual nature in infectious diseases and computer science. Recognized worldwide, this combination of skills makes Nosotech’s clinical expertise and ahead-of-the-curve software a pioneer in the healthcare industry in terms of infection prevention. Its team of experts shares a thorough understanding of infectious diseases and applied field experience in infection prevention and computer systems. Larouche was able to showcase the company’s expertise and remove the complexity behind its value proposition.

An updated visual identity

Nosotech dual messaging guided and inspired the creation of a new creative platform. Overall, the strategy behind the visual identity was based on two main objectives: on the one hand, to upgrade the graphic codes to communicate the company’s notoriety and, on the other hand, to establish a clear brand architecture between the parent brand and solutions. The logo was updated to convey the fundamentally modern look and calibre of Nosotech’s solutions. Illustrations were designed for each solution to distinguish them from the brand easily. A photoshoot was carried out to highlight the team of experts behind Nosotech. The result? A new and completely distinct brand image.

A profound change in the company’s messaging

Specifically aimed at infection control and antibiotic governance teams, Nosotech needed to align its messages with the needs and concerns of its targeted audiences better to communicate the benefits of its three software products. Larouche’s team redefined the brand’s messages so that they would pack a better punch. The messaging was also restructured and simplified to offer a more accurate, appealing, and relevant solution proposal.

A coherent brand deployment

The complete overhaul of the brand was orchestrated through a series of communication tools. Deploying the new brand consisted of designing a new website, and promotional material. The content was adapted from French to English to facilitate the company’s international expansion. A case study was also created to demonstrate the impact of Nosotech during COVID-19.

“By leveraging the Larouche team’s creativity, we were able to thoroughly update the Nosotech brand. We now have a more distinctive presence in the industry. Our new branding is contributing to our growth and business development, both here and internationally,” said
Dr. Patrick Dolcé, President of Nosotech. 

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