Larouche Marketing Communication is pleased to welcome Faouzi Abdelkéfi to the team as its new Director of Digital Strategy. Faouzi’s expertise will be a definitively strong asset to the agency in terms of analysis and strategic planning. In his new role, he will assist all of the agency’s clients in their digital strategies. 

Faouzi is a seasoned expert in digital marketing and web analytics. With a proven fifteen-year track record, he has helped companies in a variety of different industries in planning and carrying out their digital marketing strategies. He has also played an instrumental role in launching several innovative projects, particularly in the media sector. 

He has worked in several different countries, which has allowed him to acquire experience in international markets and a multicultural mindset. As part of the first digital generation, he has monitored the evolution of Internet, social media and other online technologies, and continuously adapts the tools and techniques he uses. 

During his career, Faouzi quickly understood the importance of the interplay between traditional and digital marketing. “Together, these two marketing approaches are an important leverage for businesses looking to increase their efficiency and profitability,” he said. “In today’s hyper-connected world, targeting potential clients and getting key messages across to people all over the world is much simpler than it used to be; however, digital marketing is still very technical. That’s why traditional marketing is more relevant than ever before. I truly believe that the secret to commercial success is melding together traditional and digital marketing.”


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