Jean-François Larouche, President of Larouche Marketing Communication, is thrilled to welcome three new business development advisors with strong reputations in their respective fields: Rémi Boudreault, Gaston Déry and Nour Sayem will play important roles in the agency’s growth.

I have the privilege to work with professionals who have extensive backgrounds in their respective business sectors. All three advisors are excited to join the Larouche team, deeming that the agency’s talent and expertise to carry out projects will help clients to increase their performance in ever-increasingly competitive markets.
Jean-François Larouche,
Larouche Marketing Communication

Rémi Boudreault

B2B Strategic Advisor
For over 40 years, Rémi Boudreault has helped several companies, primarily in the manufacturing industry, to improve their performance levels, decrease their operational costs and achieve their market development goals in Canadian and international markets. He was a Director at Chrysler Credit Canada. He then was Bombardier's Regional Director for 12 years and Business Development Director for several Québec-based manufacturers that export on a global scale for 18 years.

Gaston Déry

Industry and Environmental Strategic Advisor
Gaston Déry is recognized as an active contributor to Québec economic development. As a major proponent of sustainable development, he was the recipient in 2007 of the Phénix de l'environnement du Québec in the Mise en valeur des espaces naturels et de la biodiversité category. He has devoted much of his career to forest management and preserving the environment. Mr. Déry is heavily involved in the local business and cultural communities, holding several management positions for a variety of organizations. Notably, he was Vice-President of Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility by Arrimage Québec (QSL).

Nour Sayem

Agri-food Strategic Advisor
Nour has a seasoned background in a variety of fields. With her PhD. in Food Technology from the Université Laval, she has developed a solid track record in carrying out multiple technical-economic studies and scaled an wide variety of industrial projects. She was President of Sayem, Belleau Inc. for 12 years and President of Auditech, a consulting firm for governmental agencies for three years. She also played a key role in developing the agri-food business sector for the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). She started her career at the BDC as a Director for the organization’s consulting services, moved on to become Senior Advisor, and finished her tenure as partner for the BDC’s consulting group. For the past two years, she has worked as a consultantin the agri-food industry, helping Québec start-ups and companies grow their markets.


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