At Larouche, we have the habit of integrating interns into our team. In addition to their motivation, interns bring new perspectives, ideas and ways to handle things to the agency. For us, it's also a way of recruiting new talents that become part of Larouche Marketing Communication. Without further ado, here are our three recruits for the summer!



Having recently completed three years in accounting and business administration at Champlain St. Lawrence College, Thomas chose to do his internship at Larouche before leaving for Bishop's University next September. He will continue his studies in marketing and administration to obtain his bachelor's degree.

Thomas brings a very methodical administrative dimension, in addition to having a contagious “joie de vivre” and entertaining our team with his humorous side. We loved him so much that we hired him for the summer! This young anglophone is feverish to be able to acquire assets for his future career while gaining experience.

Some questions were asked to Thomas.

What is your totem?

"Unique hedgehog (mostly because of the hair)"

What is your biggest challenge this summer?

"I do not have one, but three. I want to have a better understanding of what we do in marketing, apply my business and administrative skills acquired during my three years at St. Lawrence and finally, I want to use my creative side in a professional way by fulfilling a variety of tasks."

What is your favorite expression?

"There's always a solution, you just have to find it!"



Our second intern, Elizabeth, has just completed her bachelor's degree in communications at Laval University where she chose the advertising concentration. During her studies, she was involved in the Emerging Gala where she met our President for the first time. She was also part of the Preambule Communication team, where she was Project Manager and Editor-Writer.

Our trainee was also a project manager at Netleaf, a web agency in Quebec City. Desiring to explore her creativity and work as part of a team on a daily basis, advertising has been a fairly obvious career choice for this young epicurean. For her, Larouche will be an extraordinary gateway to her professional life.

Here are his answers to our interrogation.

What is your totem?

"Stealth Monkey (a bit like Rafiki in The Lion King)" 

What is your biggest challenge this summer?

"Run my first half marathon! (HELP!!!)"

What is your favorite expression?

"Iiiiiiimpossibleeeeeee!" "Translation: I can not believe it!"



A student in Political Science at Université Laval, Xavier comes straight from the student movement. He has spent two years defending the academic and financial conditions of his peers. Back in school, Xavier hung up his involvement skates and started an internship at Larouche Marketing Communication.

At the agency, he acts as an assistant to the president. He advises and supports him in his daily life and in the development of the agency. He hopes that his experience in the communications and marketing world will teach him how to better convey and popularize messages, which is so important in politics.

Here is what he answered to our questions:

What is your totem?

"Sociable bear! (I don't really know what it means, but the bears clearly like to eat!) The rest says it all! And let's be honest, bears bear their beards."

What is your challenge for this summer?

"To follow Jean-François in these displacements ... It is that he walks quickly, our president!"

What is your favorite expression?

"Having coffee prevents you from sleeping, but sleeping prevents you from having coffee. # CaféLover"


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