Québec’s B2B marketing communications sector is about to change over the next weeks. Image de Mark, an agency based in St-Georges in Beauce, Québec, and renowned for its work with manufacturing companies in Québec, will join Larouche Marketing Communication, based in Québec City. This joining of forces will position Larouche as one of the most important B2B2C marketing communications firms in the province of Québec.

A natural partnership
“We have always planned on expanding our firm. Image de Mark’s proposal was a great opportunity for us and the fit between both agencies was very natural. Both Larouche and Image de Mark share the same approach: clients and their challenges first,” explained Jean-François Larouche, President of Larouche Marketing Communication.

Image de Mark’s management agrees. Chantal Rancourt, Image de Mark’s President, points to the fact that Larouche holds the same values as well as similar management and customer relationship philosophies as Image de Mark—all of which are perfectly aligned with the agency’s vision. “For over 20 years, our clients have entrusted their marketing communications strategies with Image de Mark. It was crucial for us to maintain continuity and place our business in the hands of professionals we had the utmost confidence in. We quickly realized that our clients’ trust will be preserved and honoured by both Jean-François and his team,” said Chantal Rancourt.

Bigger and more complete
This is a huge milestone for Larouche Marketing Communication. “This alliance is in keeping with our business plan. As Image de Mark integrates within our operations, all of our clients will greatly benefit. Our wide array of services and extensive experience will make the agency a go-to marketing communications partner for all B2B businesses. I have major projects in the works for Québec’s B2B companies,” added Jean-François Larouche. Larouche Marketing Communication has already carved an enviable niche for itself in the B2B, B2C and agri-food sectors; however, the agency wanted to expand its portfolio of major clients and add new resources to broaden its spectrum of services and skills.

This announcement also coincides with a huge challenge that Québec companies are currently facing. “With an unprecedented high rate of full employment, Québec businesses are faced with major difficulties in attracting and retaining talent. I believe we can help them to significantly improve their human resources marketing and contribute to growing Québec’s economy. The integration of Image de Mark within Larouche is our first step to positioning ourselves as a key player in B2B marketing communications. Our team will continue to grow as we scout out the very best professionals out there. The challenge is extremely motivating,” added Jean-François Larouche.

A seamless transition
The integration of the agencies’ operations and teams will be progressively carried out over the next few weeks. “Clients will be quickly notified of the advantages of this transition, including having Chantal Rancourt join our team. We are thrilled to welcome her aboard! In 20 years, Image de Mark has built a respectful business and relationships. We plan to continue on that tradition,” Jean-François Larouche concluded.


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