On June 5, at their Annual General Meeting, members of the Society of Communicators of Quebec (SOCOM) elected a new presidency at the head of the organization. Jean-François Larouche, president of Larouche Marketing Communication, will now assume the responsibilities of president of SOCOM. He took over from Anne-Marie Boissonneault of Maison 1608, which ended a two-year mandate marked by the renewal of the organization.


A vision of development

The new president has a vision of development for SOCOM. This vision will bring a host of challenges for the organization: "SOCOM has been gaining momentum for a number of years now. My goal is to continue the work begun and to position SOCOM as the source and the resource for marketing communication, both for our members and for the clients they serve” said Mr. Larouche.


Growth in the number of active members, improvement of the service offer for members and greater visibility are among the topics on the agenda. "We already offer communication and marketing training for businesses in the region, as well as member activities, and since the spring we have been offering a magazine that informs the communications industry, but we can do more. It is by proving our know-how and our leadership that we will have more visibility in Quebec and the interest to become a member of SOCOM will grow, "he adds.


New faces

To succeed in its new challenges, the new president will not be alone: ​​"SOCOM is not the work of a single person, it is a team of dedicated administrators who ensures the achievement of the objectives of the 'organization".


Indeed, of the eight members of the Board of Directors, four were elected on June 5th. People from all walks of life in the field of communications complete the team already in place.


List of the members of the board of directors


Jean-François Larouche, President Larouche Marketing Communication

Newly elected

Éric Bilodeau, Director of Communications at the Quebec City Tourism Office

Élisabeth Farinacci, Executive Director of the Loto-Québec Fireworks Competition

Isabelle Julien, owner of Beez Créativité Média

Alexis Rodrigue, Digital Strategist at iA Financial Group

Current members:

Louis Martin, President at LMG Creativity & Audacity

Marie-Claude Brousseau, Director of Communications, Security Division, Quebec City

Marc-Olivier Morin, Sales Manager Quebec - Newad.


What SOCOM offers you.

Active in Quebec City since 2002, SOCOM is a non-profit organization with more than 800 members that wants to bring together communications stakeholders who want to discover, share and meet the challenges of tomorrow. The goal is to showcase the talent of our members through networking activities and training.


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