In today’s tight labour market, employer branding has become a hot topic. Many businesses have invested in and developed their employer brand—as a part of a 360-degree HR strategy—in order to attract and keep top talent. A strong employer brand helps to highlight the advantages of being an employee in a dynamic and rewarding working environment. An employer brand can only be successful if executive management is on board to developing the foundations of a successful business, outpacing their competition, innovating within their sector, and, above all, believing that employees are at the heart of everything that they do.

Creating a distinctive employer brand

Having a well-thought-out employer brand is a way to keep your overall brand in check. It enables you to think about your business, what stokes your entrepreneurial fire, and your strengths and weaknesses. An effective employer branding strategy must first and foremost mobilize your current employees. The reason? It will go a long way to keeping your good employees loyal and incite them to refer qualified candidates to your company. The better and the more consistently you promote your employer brand, the more likely you will attract people that share your values and aspirations. You will lose less time interviewing (or managing!) people that don’t adhere to your vision or mindset. At the end of the day, with a proper employer brand, you can significantly reduce employee turnover.

A robust employer brand also has another great advantage: customer acquisition. Did you know that by communicating your values and market approach through your employer brand, you can attract new clients? That is why it is so important for you to carefully identify the brand promise you want to convey with your employer brand as well as the means with which you plan on delivering that promise. Indeed, an employer brand can add substantial value to your company.

Why is an employer brand so important?

  • It helps you to pique candidates’ interest
  • It enables you to recruit and keep great employees
  • Your employees will refer more qualified candidates from their networks
  • You will better control your company’s public image
  • You will be able to increase your employee retention rate—all while reducing turnover

How to build and promote your employer brand

By being creative and authentic, you can let your employer brand shine through in your recruitment campaigns, online job sites, social media, public and media relations, advertising campaigns and much more. 

Your employees are the best ambassadors for your brand. The ultimate challenge for your employer brand is being able to align your promise with the reality your employees live with each day. With the right employer branding strategy, your organization can boost its sales, acquire better talent, find renowned partners and improve ties with governmental and public entities. 


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